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16 December 2008 @ 14:55
After a long withdrawl I return to you.
04 August 2007 @ 18:50
1. Are you sure of your sexual orientation? Or are you confused?:
I am a lesbian...there was the ocassionally boy that I found appealing but it was do to they were adrogynus (sp?)

2. Are you open with your sexuality? Or is it a secret?:
I am to most people then there are several that I hide it from like crazy.. 

3. Who was the 1st person you told that you're a lesbian?
....I think that it was Michelle....

4. Is your hair short, medium, or long?:

5. Would you ever shave your head?:
maybe if my job would allow me..

6. Do you own anything with the Gay Rainbow on it?:
yes siree got to love pride fest

7. Do you consider yourself a Stud, Androgynous, or Femme?:
I look like a stud but deep down I am kinda a femme

8. What type of females are you most attracted to?: 
I am attracted to butches and the seldom femme....

9. What FAMOUS Lesbian is your favorite?:
Ellen or Melissa Etheridge

10. Do you like watching The L Word?:
Hell yeah I <3 Alice.

11. What is your favorite lesbian movie?:
....is it bad that I only seen only one and that was "But I am a cheerleader..."

12. Do you have any Pride tattoo's?, if not, would you ever get one?:
nope....I might get one...might

13. Do you go to Gay/Lesbian clubs?:
...not really they are nothing but sleazy people at the clubs around here

14. Would you ever be a Drag King? (If you're not already):

15. What name would you go by if you did do Drag?:
Ian Madison

16. Have you ever been mistaken for a Male?:
SIR seems to be a common one that I am called.

17. Would you ever have a sex change to become a Male?:
I have been thinking about it...like what if I hadbeen born a male.

18. How do you feel about Homophobia?:
It pisses me off but people are intitled to their own opinion... 

19. How do you feel about Gays/Lesbians having children?:
Hell yeah... I am a firm believer that they should have the right to adopt... 

20. If it were legal, would you marry another Female?:
There is only one girl that I would settle down for... I would marry her...

21. What FAMOUS lesbian singer do you like the most?
Melissa Etheridge

22. Have you ever attended a Gay Pride Festival?:
Went to my first one recently.

23. Do you wear make-up?:

24. Do you carry a wallet?, or a purse?:
All for the wallet. 

25. Do you wear Male clothes?:
Yes they are comfy 

26. Do you prefer wearing cologne instead of perfume?:
Axe count?

27. Do you have several piercings & tattoo's?:
I have 7 and I wish to get my eyebrow done.

28. Do you have a crush on a female celebrity, if so, who?:
Michelle Roderiguez

29. How did your parents handle you telling them about your orientation?:
My folks it is hard to explain... My mom was cool and turned to a douchebag....then there was my dad that didn't talk to me in forever then recently actually trying to be better,,,

30. Do you have more Gay/Lesbian/Bi friends than you do Straight friends?:

31. Have you ever been gay bashed?:
Yesh several times

32. Did anyone stop having contact with you after you came out of the closet?:
Not yet…if I hade I didn't notice.

33. What is your favorite gay/lesbian quote?:
I'd rather be black than gay because when you're black you don't have to tell your mother. -Charles Pierce-

34. Do you believe you were born a lesbian?:
Yes and no. It depends on the sitation....

35. Are you proud? Or ashamed of your sexuality?:
I am proud and sort of ashamed due to  the people that are closer to me that know  some make me feel so bad for being me.
29 July 2007 @ 16:13

Ok last night I got to enjoy one of the weirdest nights in my entire life but I can honsestly say that I loved it.

This is how my day started....

1.) I managed to miss the bus TWICE . I believe that only one time was my fault the other was the guy conviently not stopping.

2.) I manage to weasel a ride out of my mother....She is bi-polar about me. One minute she is cool about me being open then 2 seconds later she can be the SUPER Hater.

These are some of my fave people from PRIDE:

(She is one of the 8 owners/ models for the designer line DITC <Dykes In The City> OMG she is so awesome and I got a hug from her it made my day... -whisper- She was so damn cool and HAWT. I hope to GOD that next year she will be there.)

Website: http://ditc.net/catalog/

(The top pic I stole is from Bree's myspace featuring her,her gf and the never named KINKY Crossdresser. The below is is KINKY and Mr. Leather 2006)

(This the beautiful and oh so talented Liz Snavely aka LUVMUZIQ. I was fortunate enough to talk to her and get free CDs she rocks. She was awesome.)

(These "guys"are some of the members of the Casanova Kings)
<Red Shirt is Dean Preston>
<Kung Fu moves in the back is Lucius Maxwell>
<Grumpy in the back right is Calvin Diesel>
<Black Shirt in front is the Great Hunter Down>
(If you ever have the chance to see the Casanova kings take it they are so worth seeing)

This next thing is last years clip of the best Drag King I ever seen.

28 July 2007 @ 10:40
Yesterday was one fucked up day. I fought with that damn idiot Tony... Frankly I don't know why i put up with his shit.... What is the reason that the boy treats me like such shit what did I ever do to make him treat me like his does now.

The dumb shit made me cry....Chris was there...I hate to cry. Most of the time I see it as childish and a sign of weakness....But Chris pulled me away from the fight....He played videogames with me 'til Istarted to nod off.... Oh yeh he is thinking of teaching me to play the guitar woot. (I told him that I would pay him for lessons) I want him to get that guitar that he wants, he played 'Hello Deliliah' by the Plain White Tees for me it was so funny and cute.

Oh yeh when his dad got home he invited me to go have dinner with their family it was an unique experince...His mother made me laugh so hard I nearly cried. When we were at the Chinese Buffet she told Chris it would be a start idea to marry me.LOL

Well I will finish this post later....I got a bus to catch. Byebye.
20 July 2007 @ 22:28
I hope to soon be filling this with A)tidbits of my life and B) my stories and art.... Sorry that I am unable to write much as of right now I am growing tired and soon will be heading towards bed....